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US-1128668-A: Combined track-gage and rail-fastener. patent, US-1128932-A: Automatic train-stop. patent, US-1129115-A: Pot-cover. patent, US-1130192-A: Process of producing sulfite cellulose. patent, US-1131400-A: Bottle-stopper. patent, US-1131874-A: Package. patent, US-1132016-A: Means for forming zones of varying and variable strengths in magnetic fields. patent, US-1133394-A: Jolt ramming-machine. patent, US-1133670-A: Process of finishing metal sheets or plates. patent, US-1134269-A: Refrigerating apparatus. patent, US-1134392-A: Fireproof metal window-frame. patent, US-1134457-A: Fuel-feeding means for automobile-engines. patent, US-1134951-A: Tachometer. patent, US-1135201-A: Magnetic switch. patent, US-1136258-A: Log-rolling machine. patent, US-1136564-A: Vehicle-coupling. patent, US-1136863-A: Filter. patent, US-1136927-A: Leaf-turning device. patent, US-1137302-A: Sash-lock. patent, US-113743-A: Improvement in the modes of forming the heads of wrench-bars patent, US-1137866-A: Method of regulating the speed of alternating-current motors. patent, US-1138067-A: Oil-burning locomotive-furnace. patent, US-1139283-A: Polishing-mitt. patent, US-113956-A: Improvement in steam-engine valves patent, US-1139701-A: Broom-bridle. patent, US-1139721-A: Tying device. patent, US-1140090-A: Seal-feed for bottle-capping machines. patent, US-1140850-A: Last. patent, US-1141651-A: Type-writing machine. patent, US-1141864-A: Tool-holder. patent, US-1142117-A: Equalizing-valve. patent, US-1142344-A: Spring-frame for motor-cycles. patent, US-1143051-A: Spike-holder. patent, US-1143166-A: Bottle-crate and adapter therefor. patent, US-1143227-A: Carbureter. patent, US-1143625-A: Process for cooling and reducing nitrate of lime. patent, US-1144968-A: Valve. patent, US-1145673-A: Car-heating system. patent, US-1147863-A: Suspending device. patent, US-1148426-A: Antidrip subframe for vehicles. patent, US-1150057-A: Suitcase. patent, US-1150472-A: Temporary binder or loose-sheet holder. patent, US-1150608-A: Card curving and straightening device. patent, US-1150702-A: Bathing shoe or slipper. patent, US-1150704-A: Cinder blower-trap for locomotives. patent, US-1150901-A: Effervescent compound. patent, US-1150950-A: Vacuum cleaning system. patent, US-1150995-A: Spring-wheel. patent, US-1151157-A: Camera view-finder. patent, US-1151390-A: Electrical amusement device. patent, US-1152599-A: Apparatus for printing positive motion-picture films. patent, US-1153118-A: Cleaning-brush. patent, US-115445-A: Improvement in permutation locks patent, US-1155039-A: Attachment for scrapers. patent, US-1155353-A: Feed-cutter. patent, US-1155401-A: Centrifugal pump. patent, US-1155976-A: Rope-tying device. patent, US-115597-A: Improvement in gas-machines patent, US-1156228-A: Controlling means for vapor apparatus. patent, US-1156449-A: Molding apparatus. patent, US-1157412-A: Safe. patent, US-1157558-A: Saw-sharpening machine. patent, US-115887-A: Improvement in concrete asphaltic pavements patent, US-1159417-A: Automatic firearm. patent, US-1159636-A: Window-sash lock. patent, US-1160383-A: Bifocal lens and method for making the same. patent, US-1161641-A: Air-hose coupling. patent, US-1162213-A: Process and apparatus for the electrical treatment of liquids and fluids, and the products resulting therefrom. patent, US-1162221-A: Powdered-fuel feeder. patent, US-1162234-A: Apparatus for cutting and applying to can ends ring-liners. patent, EP-1905460-B1: Matériau de remplacement osseux patent, US-1162408-A: Steam-boiler filler. patent, US-1163532-A: Wrench. patent, US-1163588-A: Gripper mechanism for pulling-over machines. patent, US-1164140-A: Spray-burner. patent, US-1164220-A: Casket-handle. patent, US-116435-A: Improvement in loom-shuttles patent, US-11651-A: Ice-cream freezer patent, US-1165670-A: Screen for revolving windows. patent, US-1165769-A: Window-shade-roller mounting. patent, US-1165862-A: Apparatus for wireless signaling. patent, US-1166803-A: Leaf-turner. patent, US-1167473-A: Lamp-clamping socket. patent, US-1167757-A: Vehicle-wheel. patent, US-1168042-A: Elevator-wrench. patent, US-1168143-A: Tapping-machine. patent, US-1168737-A: Gearing. patent, US-1169193-A: Automatic safety-clutch. patent, US-116924-A: Improvement in cotton-gins patent, US-1170591-A: Combination-tool. patent, US-1170883-A: Paint composition. patent, US-117165-A: Improvement in preparing wheat, corn, and other grains for food patent, US-1172095-A: Railway-car. patent, US-117232-A: Improvement in buckles patent, US-1172682-A: Process for carbonizing coal. patent, US-117307-A: Improvement in steam-carriages for plows patent, US-1173663-A: Signal apparatus. patent, US-1173733-A: Shoe-support. patent, US-1174166-A: Rubber boot. patent, US-1174539-A: Screen. patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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